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This is art!

About NFTchan.xyz

This project is a homage to 4chan.org.

We (the founders of this little NFT project) consider 4chan one of the OGs, if it comes to "the Internet must be free".

This NFT project does follow this idea blindly with Blockchain/ETH technology. The only thing we must do, is control for adult, racist or copyright work while we keep the image uploads on our servers.

Once we minted all 8,888 NFTS - whatever they are - we will transfer the collection to IPFS and keep it there forever. NFTchan.xyz is Blockchain anarchy. It is a statement. It is art.

As long as we host your uploads, we have asked our service company fanfario, Inc. to be our legal representative and DMCA manager!

Privacy: We are Web3! That means: no tracking, no marketing cookies, nothing we absolutely need technically. It also means, we can spare you the cookie bullshit popups.

Uploading S.H.I.T. means: and could lead to your NFT being BURNT - so, do not violate copyrights and keep anything racism, hate or other harmful content to yourself.

Terms of minting: We take your upload and create an NFT out of it on the Ethereum (ETH) network. That only works, if you stay on the page, when the minting process is started.

No refunds: There are no refunds. We are an art project and minting an NFT is triggered with your content and your wallet.

No guarantee: If you upload S.H.I.T., it could be that we have to remove that stuff under the DMCA regulations. If we are legally obliged to do it, we just do it.

After mint: When all is minted, we will copy the images into the IPFS (blockchain file system) and nail it there. Then we will renounce the ownership of the smart contract.

This is art!